Our Purpose

Why do we do what we do?

As individuals and as the founders of Bright Trees, we’ve always strived to reach our full potential, but never at the expense of other people. Instead, we have always been motivated by the opportunity to support others and make a positive contribution along the way. We created Bright Trees to continue our personal growth and impact, by creating a platform to support business owners by sharing our knowledge and experience. We are a family business and family is at heart of what we do, the centre of our “why”. Our purpose is simple; to enable independence, promote growth and support those that work with us to reach their full potential.

Our Company Values

Our values are enshrined in our everyday choices and behaviours. We are determined to not just say them, but to live them and make them visible. We want to work with people who also align to our core values:

Our Vision

To be a trusted partner in the support, development, and growth of small to medium businesses.

Be Proud – Deliver A Positive Contribution

Take pride, add value and deliver excellence in every task, every single day.

We are determined in the pursuit of our goals, always seeking to add value and never to exploit.

Be Curious – Never Stop Searching

Look forward to what is around every corner, continue to search and explore.
We question established ways of working, continuously learning, sharing our knowledge and experience.

Be Collaborative – Growing Stronger Together

Working in partnership, one team committed to delivering a common goal.

We work with those who share our values, build long-term, equally balanced, and trusted relationships.

Be Happy – Strike A Balance

Work hard, have fun and be happy.

We believe that our work should contribute to the positive mental health and wellbeing of ourselves and those that we work with