Can you hold yourself accountable?

Let’s be honest, from time to time we all struggle to keep our focus, but are you consistently struggling to reach your goals? Do you have great plans, but consistently fail to achieve the desired results?

Self-made success is very rare, there’s a reason why every great sports professional has a coach, why world leaders and politicians are surrounded by their advisors and why the proverbial saying ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’ is universally accepted.

More often than not, success is delivered when we work together, as a team.  So if you are struggling, don’t worry, you are not alone and forming an accountability partnership may be an ideal solution.   As, creating a structure of accountability will provide focus and when focus is applied, outstanding results can be achieved. Whether you’re a sole trader, an owner of a micro business or an aspiring leader in a multinational organisation, creating the right habits, structure and discipline is critical in reaching your goals and achieving outstanding results.

Our experience and research supports the adoption of ‘four pillars of success’ in creating a structure of accountability;

Pillar 1 – Acknowledgement

For many business owners acknowledging the need for support is often the most difficult to accept.  As business owners we have a vision, we understand our goals, we are driven by a thirst for success, but restrict our growth through a fear losing control.   This is why many business owners struggle to reach their full potential, specifically in the early years, as they work relentless hours just to keep their head above water in meeting the day-to-day demands of their business.   We’ve spoken to a number of successful business owners and they all recall their epiphany, the moment they acknowledged that their business needed a team effort.

Pillar 2 – Partnership

Not all businesses can afford to hire a professional coach, but that should not prevent them from creating a structure of accountability.   Of course a professional coach will have a structure, a proven methodology, but when we need to prioritise our investments, in the context of accountability, an alternative approach can be taken through forming a reciprocal accountability partnership with a trusted business owner within your local business community.

Pillar 3 – Goal Setting

With your business partner, your coach or mentor set some specific goals which will stretch you and your business. There are many well-established frameworks for planning and achieving your goals, but raise the bar and make your goals aspirational.

Pillar 4 – Share the Aspiration

The final pillar is to create a support community through sharing your goals and aspirations with family, friends and trusted associates.  This will not only provide additional support, but it will also help to keep you on track, as we are more likely to let ourselves down before we let down others.

How can the team at Bright Trees help you achieve your goals?

How can we help –  our Accountability Partnership Programme is tailored to the specific needs of our clients.  We follow a methodology which is tried and tested in delivering results.  Our Accountability Partnership Programme provides a platform for your ideas to be developed and a safe space for concerns to be shared. We’ll help business owners to implement the structure and discipline that is required  to achieve their goals and their aspiration for growth.

If you want to maximise your full potential and achieve the business growth that you desire, then please do get in touch.

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Bright Trees

At Bright Trees, we work in partnership with business owners to design a foundation for growth that is specific to your needs; we never use a one-size fits all approach. We’ll help you to map out and focus on your needs and goals setting you up for success both in the short-term and in the future.

We believe that everyone should be afforded the opportunity to reach their full potential.  This vision is underpinned by our values and behaviours.

At Bright Trees, we bring together a wealth of ‘big company’ corporate experience, specialised knowledge and expertise to support the business and personal growth goals of small to medium sized companies.

Success is achieved through discipline and structure, which is difficult to maintain alone. At Bright Trees, our Accountability Programme is tailored to your specific needs, whilst following a methodology which is tried and tested in delivering results.

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